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Make Way for Boston's Latest Edtech'lings 06/29/2016

Five edtech companies emerged recently from Boston's LearnLaunch accelerator.
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Cram Fighter Announces Partnership with McGraw-Hill Education 03/10/2016

Cram Fighter and McGraw-Hill Education partner to provide benefits to the medical students and residents who use their learning solutions to prepare for the USMLE and COMLEX licensing exams.
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Jones & Bartlett Learning Announces Partnership with Cram Fighter 10/20/2015

Jones & Bartlett Learning and Cram Fighter partner to provide significant benefit to the medical students and residents who use their platforms to prepare for USMLE licensing exams.
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Cram Fighter: Using EdTech to Maximize Student Learning 10/19/2015

[Cengage] spoke with one of the winners, Amit Mathew of Cram Fighter, to learn a bit more about his perspective on the current state of education and technology.
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Cram Fighter and Shearwater Just Won This Edtech Startup Competition 10/9/2015

Five startups that aim to solve a wide range of problems in the higher edtech space, helping both universities and students alike, presented their pitches. A panel of judges, which included folks like Cengage’s CTO George Moore and Simmons College School of Management’s Teresa Nelson, scrutinized their companies and picked a winner.
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This Ed Tech Startup is Helping Medical Students Study Smarter 3/25/2015

What’s perhaps most interesting about Cram Fighter is that it’s essentially establishing a new product category — and at scale.