The perfect USMLE study plan, built just for you.

Thousands of medical students use Cram Fighter to save hours of planning time, see exactly what to do each day, and ace their boards.

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See exactly what to study each day

Cram Fighter generates a daily to-do list based on when you are taking your exam, which resources you are using, and how you want to study. Having a daily goal keeps you from getting overwhelmed.

Save hours planning your schedule

The average USMLE study plan has over 650 tasks. Cram Fighter can save hours of time by doing the work of dividing up books, question banks, lectures, and flashcards across your study schedule.

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Hit your target score

Cram Fighter works. We surveyed thousands of our customers and found they were more likely to reach their target USMLE score if they stuck to their Cram Fighter schedule.

There's no time to waste.

Create the perfect USMLE study schedule now.

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Take the stress out of falling behind

Almost everyone falls behind on their schedule. Use Cram Fighter's magical rebalance feature to move overdue tasks to future days with a press of a button. Getting back on track has never been easier.

Know if you're taking on too much

Backed by data from tens of thousands of study schedules, Cram Fighter can warn you if your expected pace is significantly higher than the average student. Avoid the costly mistake of building a study schedule that's too ambitious.

✔ Reading 4 pages per hour

✔ Reviewing 50 flashcards per hour

⚠ Doing 25 questions per hour

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View your USMLE study schedule any way you want it.

The weekly view is your main view and gives you a breakdown of exactly what to do each day.

The monthly view shows you a bird's-eye view of your schedule, one month a time.

Use Cram Fighter's search feature to find specific tasks instantly.

See all of your overdue tasks in one place, so you can be sure you never forget to cover something.

Get detailed stats and graphs showing your progress over time.

Get your tasks for the day delivered to your inbox every morning.

Cram Fighter can show you a printable view of your schedule.

Loved by thousands of medical students

Cram Fighter is the #1 USMLE study planner. But don't take our word for it: First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 rated Cram Fighter as one of the top resources for USMLE preparation.

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Katie J. testimonial

Cram Fighter is far and away better and more efficient than making your own schedule.”

Katie J., University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
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I loved Cram Fighter! Thank you for making the process of creating a study plan a manageable one. I owe all of my success to you.”

Matt H., Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Craig S. testimonial

Absolutely loved the schedule. It kept me going at a good pace and kept me on track. Vital for Step 1 studying!”

Craig S., University of Nebraska Medical Center

Thousands of medical students use Cram Fighter to get an edge.

Create the perfect USMLE study schedule now.