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Wondering what the best resources for the Family Medicine Shelf exam are as you choose your study materials and figure out how to study for the Family Medicine Shelf? We’ve compiled data from our customers who are taking the Family Medicine Shelf exam. Below is a ranking of the most popular resources for the Family Medicine Shelf on Cram Fighter. These aren't necessarily the best resources, but they should be a good starting point as you select resources for your Family Medicine Shelf exam.

You can use this chart to see how often Cram Fighter customers are adding certain Family Medicine resources to their study plan, and learn which study resources are the most popular. For example, how frequently are our customers choosing the AAFP qbank for the Family Medicine Shelf exam? How popular is Online Med Ed for the Family Med Shelf? Do our customers use Anki when preparing for the FM shelf? Find out in the chart below - it’s updated regularly based on our customer data.

Rank Title (all editions) % of students used
1. UWorld 64.5
2. OnlineMedEd | Clinical 43.5
3. Case Files Family Medicine 37.4
4. Anki 35.3
5. AAFP Qbank 21.0
6. AMBOSS 19.9
7. COMQUEST 12.1
8. Step-Up to Medicine 9.1
9. COMBANK 8.2
10. PreTest Family Medicine 5.4
11. Boards and Beyond | Step 2-3 Clinical 3.2
12. First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK Clinical Knowledge 2.2
13. SketchyPharm 2.2
14. SketchyIM 1.7
15. Blueprints Family Medicine 1.7
16. Kaplan Shelf Prep | Family Medicine 1.5
17. SketchyMicro 1.3
18. Essentials of Family Medicine 1.1
19. USMLE-Rx Qmax 0.6
20. SketchyPath 0.4

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