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Build the perfect study plan for the MCAT

Use Cram Fighter to create a personalized study schedule for the MCAT so you know exactly what to do each day.

How Cram Fighter works

1 Set your study goals

I have the biggest exam of my life in 2 months. What should I do?? 😩"

2 Tell the app how you'd like to study

"I'm going to read through two books and do practice questions and flashcards every day."

3 The app will automatically generate a study plan for you

"This exam doesn't seem so scary when it's broken down into daily tasks."

4 Instantly make changes to your schedule as you're studying

"Wow, I was falling behind but now I have a new plan."

5 Ace the MCAT

"Crushed it!!! 😄"

Every great score starts with a plan.

Create the perfect study schedule for the MCAT.

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Save time clock Save precious time

The last thing you want to do when preparing for the most important exam of your life is to waste time. Cram Fighter automates creating your schedule, so you don't spend hours (or days!) creating a plan by hand in Excel or Google Calendar.

Sarah F. testimonial

Easy and helpful way to break down the study materials in manageable chunks, to set goals, and to make it easier to get it all done in time for the MCAT.”

Sarah F., Trinity University

Handle changes Handle changes with ease

Plans change. The average Cram Fighter user makes 10 major changes to their study plan during the course of their studying. With Cram Fighter, we'll handle the tedious work of recalculating your schedule for you. If you tried to do this work by yourself, you'd probably end up throwing out your schedule in frustration.

Cram Fighter helped me organize and tackle a seemingly insurmountable task while also providing motivation to stay on schedule. I am incredibly grateful for Cram Fighter and would highly recommend using it for the MCAT!”

Claire S., Brandeis University

Double check Steps to success

People always tell us about the satisfaction they get from checking off individual tasks each day. Breaking up a difficult study schedule into small, manageable tasks is the key to success. The best part is that on the day of the exam, you can look back and easily see everything that you've accomplished.

Unlimited personalization

You can customize your schedule to your heart’s content by choosing the order of your test prep resources, subjects, and vacation days. You can even designate periodic catch-up days so you always have some breathing room.

Lots of study resources

Cram Fighter supports over 1,000 of the most popular books, video lectures, question banks, and flashcards. If we don't support something you own, you can always add it manually. You can see the complete list of supported study resources.

Cram Fighter is where you need it

Use Cram Fighter on our website or take it to go by using our apps for iOS and Android. Easily sync your entire study schedule to Google Calendar using just one button. If you want to keep things old school, you can print out your schedule. Don't worry, we won't judge you.

Build your discipline

We'll help you stay on track by showing you statistics on your progress. We'll let you know about overdue tasks and send you emails about what you've accomplished. Our gentle reminders that will help you build good habits and keep you focused and motivated.

Cram Fighter users have:

Reading books

Read more than

4,200,000 pages


Answered more than

10,600,000 questions


Watched over

213,000 hours of lectures


Reviewed more than

2,300,000 flashcards

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Every great score starts with a plan.

Create the perfect study schedule for the MCAT.

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