What we do:

We help students become the best versions of themselves by enabling them to be more efficient and better manage their time. We do this through web and mobile apps that let students create personalized study schedules for their classes and standardized exams.

What we are about:

  1. We work on important problems. We believe it's worth dedicating our time to solving important and difficult problems in education and personal development. A good rule of thumb is that we don't work on things that sound like something out of the show Silicon Valley.
  2. We are customer-focused. All of our decisions are driven by thinking about how to make our users more successful. We do our best to provide ridiculously good customer service.
  3. We are a product-centric company. We want to build products that people love to use. That means we focus on user experience and technology to constantly improve our products. We're not interested in hiding bad products behind slick marketing.
  4. We recognize that life is more than just work. We have lives outside of work, so we keep sane hours and strive for balance.
  5. We are focused on growth. We aim high and try to do big things. We tripled our revenue in 2015 and are looking to quadruple it in 2016.
  6. We move quickly. We believe in making decisions quickly and getting products in the hands of customers sooner rather than later. We constantly listen to feedback to iterate and improve our strategy and our products. Sometimes we make mistakes, but we learn quickly and move on. Momentum is everything.
  7. We are scrappy. We got to where we are by bootstrapping and building a profitable business. We're not against raising money, but we do so conservatively. We avoid getting caught up in the frivolities that sometimes come with the startup world.
  8. We strive for transparency. We believe in sharing as much as we can with employees so everyone can better understand the big picture. Keeping people in the dark just enables people to make worse decisions.
  9. We are always learning. We believe in learning a little more and getting a little better at what we do every day. Small steps over a long period of time can lead to great things.
  10. We are kind to each other. No mean people allowed.

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